First Timer Gluten Free Eater? Here Is What To Eat…

Gluten free baked goods are on the rise. Thanks to the best gluten free bakery in Sydney with Gluten Free 4 U, you can now enjoy a vast field of baked goods that are entirely gluten free. And not the cheap stuff either. We are talking about the high-quality gluten free goods; made with the highest-quality ingredients on the market and baked by the professional chefs in a contamination free area.

With so many options to choose from, what should you eat? We are happy to tell you…

Breads Of All Sorts

Imagine not eating bread with your meal? Or missing out on a succulent sandwich? Well, that is no longer the case with the plethora of gluten free breads now on the market. With a stunning range including seeds, white bread, rye and much more, you can go back to eating bread knowing that you will no longer suffer. If you are feeling for something different, then you can always try gluten free pizza in Sydney by visiting Gluten Free 4 U!

Wrapping Your Meal Around 

Following on from gluten free breads, one of the most popular and trendy options available on the market are gluten-free wraps. Now, wraps (wholemeal, white, mixed, whatever your choice) have all become a staple in cafes and restaurants. We get the appeal: they’re tasty, lighter than bread and easier to eat. Well, now you know there is a gluten free option. Go to most cafes, and you will find that gluten free wraps are now available. We suggest that you try it.

The Delicious Cookie Crunch 

For many people, missing out on bread is hard. But missing out on sweet cookies is harder. Well, now you can rest assured, there is growing market for gluten free cookies and biscuits. Never before has there been such a range, including chocolate chip cookies to Anzac biscuits. What once was a struggle for gluten allergic people, they now can enjoy the classic cookies again. But before you go wild with your sweet tooth…

Classic (Tasty) Cakes 

Remember the chocolate mousse cake you couldn’t eat? Or the black forest that you couldn’t take a bit of? Or what about that delicious cheesecake covered in cream that you couldn’t take a chunk off in the last family gathering? Well, you don’t have to worry about missing out anymore. Along with the rise of gluten free cookies, the rise of gluten free cakes is fresh off the market. More and more bakeries are looking creating fresh and delicious gluten free cakes. You no longer will worry about missing out on these classics – as you will have an option of your own!

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